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About IRISE Research & Discovery Science

IRISE Research and Discovery Science (IRISE-RDS) is a STEM initiative that partners scientists with teachers, church leaders, and community centers to support K-12 science/math curricula through hands-on, real-world, original research experiences for students.  Our research projects fuel exploratory learning across a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to chemistry, mathematics, scientific reading, and writing.  Professor Jenkins or another practicing scientist will come to your class or designated location to conduct original research projects with youth in your class or community.  All projects are done with "household chemicals."  The Vitamin C project incorporates a wide range of curriculum standards that are adjusted to the grade level of the student participants. 

The Vitamin C project incorporates a wide range of curriculum standards that are adjusted to the grade level of the student participants.   

















Professor Jenkins' IRISE Research & Discovery Experiments and Boot Camps are inspired by a storybook called Zakiah and Professor Jenkins.  The book presents an actual research project written as a dialogue between Professor Jenkins and Zakiah as they complete a chemistry experiment together.  Written for 3rd to 6th graders, the experiment in the book is done with household chemicals which allows youth to experiment at home with adult supervision.  The Zakiah and Professor Jenkins vitamin C project can be modified and used to inspire students across all grade levels – in academic classrooms, as science boot camps, or individual student research projects conducted at home.  Vitamin C experiments are common, well-known chemistry experiments.  However, Professor Jenkins' project presents a clever, innovative integration of math and technology into every research experience – from graphing and solving linear equations in Excel to interpreting bar graphs via a coloring book for kids.  The end goal is to expose all students at all grade levels to the art of research and discovery and provide the opportunity for students to be mentored by practicing scientists who can help prepare them to present research at science fairs/conferences.  For the 2022-23 Academic School year, IRISE-RDS will be conducting the vitamin C project with students across the nation.  The research is a chemistry experiment where students use the iodine clock reaction and/or titrations to analyze the vitamin C content in commercial fruit juices, freshly extracted vegetable juices, popular beverages, vitamin supplements, facial/body creams, etc. – the possibilities are endless.

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Spectrum News Interview

A biophysical chemist and N.C. A&T alumni is showing the importance of diversity in STEM careers through her book “Zakiah and Professor Jenkins, the Vitamin C project”

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